Klingler ElectroAcoustic Residency (KEAR)

The Klingler ElectroAcoustic Residency provides opportunities for composers to explore, experiment, and create for two weeks in Bowling Green State University's 10.2 multi-channel/first order Ambisonic studio.

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Joe Klingler was born in the Great Black Swamp on a hot July day near the time of the Russian launch of Sputnik 1 that began the race into space. During elementary school he read a book entitled Four Wheel Drift that led to a soap box derby car and two crashes but no big win, and a lifelong love of motion and motorcycles even though there were no bikes in the book.

Around the time Jimi Hendrix played the U.S. National Anthem at Woodstock, he was pounding a Gibson guitar in a garage band influenced by local groups like the MC5 and Iggy and Stooges whose pioneering punk music he figured existed everywhere, though it was actually coming out of Detroit forty miles to the north.

Then he read The God Machine by Martin Caidin and started thinking about the nature of computation. And audio. And maybe someday getting a job. So he went to college to study Electrical Engineering and wrote an essay about feeling like a number for an English class before he heard Bob Seger sing about it. Years of study led to a decade of research in medical image processing, a stack of academic papers, and a few patents, which in turn led to an interest in special effects, and the software for making them. He co-founded a small startup company that was quickly acquired leading to a string of jobs for bigger and bigger companies until he was assimilated by a billion dollar enterprise and had the idea for a book—which he finally wrote while moving 525 mph bouncing between the coasts of the United States.

That book wasn’t RATS. But it led to RATS, his first novel. RATS draws on the beauty of technology, its uses, misuses and abuses. And how the collision of human ideologies shape its future—and ours.

He currently resides in California with a couple of Macs and a handful of motorcycles (striving for the Peter-Egan optimum, as described in Leanings). Sometimes he drives a car. And is fond of turbochargers.

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Klingler ElectroAcoustic Residency (KEAR) 2015-16

Call for Applications: KEAR Two-Week Electroacoustic Composer/Researcher Residency 2015-16

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Midnight (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) on Monday 06 April 2015

AWARD: Travel funding, housing, and stipend

APPLICATION: Vew application data; complete the application


BGSUElectroacoustics welcomes applications for its third annual Klinger Electroacoustic Residency (KEAR) program. We seek a dynamic, innovative composer, researcher, or practitioner with a project requiring the use of our surround studio facilities. One composer will be selected each academic semester (fall and spring) to visit for two weeks to work on a composition and/or research project employing multi-channel spatialization (up to 10.2), first order Ambisonics, and/or controller-driven live performance.

2013-14 Residents:
John Young (Leicester, UK)
Jonty Harrison (Birmingham, UK)

2013-14 Residents:
Adam Basanta (Montreal, QC)
Brad Garton (New York, NY)

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KEAR Application Information 2015-16

The KEAR application requests the following items. Applicants are encouraged to prepare submissions ahead, since the application process must be completed in a single session.

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Jonty Harrison - Spring 2015 Resident

Jonty Harrison(born 1952) is best known as a composer of acousmatic music. His work uses predominantly real-world sound sources to explore the ambiguous interconnections between recognition and meaning, abstraction and reality, time (and memory) and space. His work with BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre), which he founded in 1982, reflects a preoccupation with the qualitative aspects of spatiality; since the late 90s, his music has been largely multichannel. He recently retired from the University of Birmingham (where he was Professor of Composition and Electroacoustic Music and Director of the Electroacoustic Music Studios and BEAST); he is now Emeritus Professor and a Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow.

He has won several international prizes (Bourges, Ars Electronica, Musica Nova, Destellos) and been commissioned by leading organisations and performers. His music appears on three solo albums (empreintes DIGITALes, Montreal) and on several compilations.

Jonty Harrison's website

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